The Maldives

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The seafront of Male’

Fishermen, the skilled masters of the industry considered as the lifeblood of the nation are seen returning from a day’s work bringing another day of hope for the locals. Great liners, tankers and cargo ships which bring all the islands need for building, food and power, ride high at their moorings as you cross the channel from the airport to Male'.

The expanse of ocean between the islands of Funadhoo, Dhoonidhoo, and Vilingili is the outer harbour where dhonis buzz around the silent, brooding beasts of the high seas like insects. The cargoes are ferried by towed lighters to the wharf of the inner harbour north of the capital.

Enclosed by a coral stone artificial breakwater with narrow entrances, the harbour was built between 1620 and 1648. Various sections of the waterfront have different functions: one for the ferryboats and dhonis to the outlying islands, another for fishing boats and local cargo. In front of the Headquarters of the Security Forces is the more recent wooden official jetty where many foreign delegates have come ashore.

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