The Maldives

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Male' offers little in terms of organised entertainment. There are no night-clubs or bars. However, an evening stroll around the centre of town along Majeedhee Magu, alive with shoppers, music and noise, helps to absorb Male's unique atmosphere. And there are restaurants, both European and Maldivian, and cinemas, which screen mainly Indian romances and adventures.

The Television Station transmits a mixture of national and foreign programs. The Radio Station "Voice of Maldives" is on air throughout the day. If the sleepy pace, beautiful faces and marvellous seascapes begin to pall, you can make an excursion to a nearby resort island or hire a dhoni to join the many locals who take weekend picnics in the neighbouring deserted islands such Kuda Bandos.

Or, you could visit one of the numerous inhabited islands to enjoy a taste of a more peaceful rural life. Traditionally, Maldivians are very hospitable people, at the same time, very shy with strangers. With their red faces, short shorts, colourful shirts and inevitable cameras, the tourists on Male's waterfront stand out. However, Maldivians are rapidly adapting to the increasingly common scenes of tourists walking about.

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