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No of Cabins : 15

MS STINGRAY is a solid wooden construction and combines Maldivian boat-building traditions with modern engineering. 9 comfortable cabins (4 with double and 5 with twin beds) are equipped with air conditioning and en-suite hot-water showers. All cabins are equipped with outside portholes.[...]

Four Seasons Explorer

No of Cabins : 0

A unique way to experience the Maldives and a wonderful complement to your land adventure at one or both of our Maldivian resorts, Four Seasons Explorer allows avid divers, water enthusiasts, nature lovers and 21st-century explorers to discover remote shores and rarely visited dive/snorkelling sites among the untouched reaches of the exotic atolls. This 11-cabin, three-deck catamaran takes you is[...]

MV Carpe Diem

No of Cabins : 0

Welcome to MV Carpe Diem, a unique liveaboard holiday offering you all activities and surroundings starting with the letter S while touring the beautiful atolls of the Maldives, making it an S-holiday! Imagine enjoying the beautiful Maldivian Sun, Sea, Sand and Stars while ‘Seizing the day’ Scuba diving, Salsa dancing, Spa visiting, Skiing (water and jetski), Surfing, Sunbathing, Snork[...]

Dhoni Stella I and II

No of Cabins : 2

Dhoni Stella I & II are wonderful combinations between classic and modern. In fact, they are the first liveaboards designed on the model of the legendary Kalhuofummi, the miraculous 'dhoni' of the Maldivian hero, Mohammad Thakurufaanu, which escaped several times from the more equipped boats of the enemy in occasion of the Portuguese invasion of the Maldives on the second part of XVI century. [...]


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