Fishing in Maldives

The Maldives

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Fishing in Maldives

Fishing provides a sizeable proportion of the gross domestic product and job opportunities for the vast majority of the island population. With abundant sea resources, fish exports continue to grow. Multinational companies have shown a renewed interest in the Maldives fishing industry. Tons of fish are used domestically and not surprisingly, fish is the main source of protein for the inhabitants of the archipelago.

Tuna waste and residues are processed on location into fishmeal, an animal food supplement. The product provides an additional export and boosts the economy. Workers learn skills by using modern techniques and local fishermen have a ready market for their bountiful catches.

As with fishing boatbuilding has been a craft native to the Maldives. Projects for protecting and maintaining this skill have been organised on a grand scale. Boatbulding training for young apprentices by expert carpenters is fully organised. The main site of boatbuilding is in Alifushi Raa Atoll. Boats crafted from timber take only 60 days to complete. With improved mechanisation of fishing vessels better fuel distribution, and the increased demand for the product, President Gayoom’s words ring true.

"Fishing is the lifeblood of our nation it is inborn. From the soil on which we live, to the sea around us, it remains an integral part of our existence. Fishing, and our country and its people, ate one and shall remain inseparable forever."

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