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Things to do in Maldives

When you are thinking of holidaying in the Maldives, the first question you want to ask is "What can I do in the Maldives?"

What is there to do in Maldives?

The Maldives is famed for its rare underwater beauty. The profusion of psychedelic colours and the abundance and variety of life underwater have fascinated divers and snorkellers since Maldives was discovered as a scuba diving destination.

The highest level of visibility that one could expect- sometimes exceeding 50 metres - and warm temperatures throughout the year makes diving in the Maldives a delight you would want to experience over and over again.

Here we have made a list of activities offered by most resorts in the Maldives to make your Maldives holidays memorable and fun. In addition to these activates individual resorts will have resort specific actives planned for your holiday in the Maldives. So always ask the travel agent or email the resort directly "what are the things to do in Maldives"

Top Things to do in Maldives

Big Game Fishing

Go for a fishing trip of a lifetime on our deep sea fishing boat and fish for marlin, tuna, sailfish, wahoo and many more.

Dream Island Trip

Fulfil your dream of being Robinson Crusoe on a nearby deserted island. Stroll along pristine white beaches or snorkel among the myriad of fish on the reef, surfacing only for the picnic lunch prepared especially for you.

Explore the Cultural Centre

Visit Dhangethi Island, home to the country’s only cultural centre and discover the local way of life the way it used to be. Let local women cook lunch, visit a school, learn about dhoni building and local crafts, followed with a chance to go snorkelling.


At sunset or at dawn, take a dhoni boat to nearby reefs and go fishing in true Maldivian style using hand-reel line.

Island Hopping

An unmissable chance to see three islands in one trip: first, a stop at a local island which is a great place for sightseeing.
Next, visit a deserted island for snorkelling, sunbathing and a picnic lunch. Finally move on to a local resort island to refresh and for more snorkelling.

Lucky Dolphin trip

An excursion to spot the most amazing animals in the sea: the playful Spinner Dolphins who call the Indian Ocean their home.

Picnic on a deserted island

Spend half a day on our private island, relax on the beach, go swimming and work up an appetite for the picnic lunch served under the shade of a palm tree.

Snorkel Hopping

A trip on a speedboat to the best snorkeling sites on nearby coral reefs. Choose from sunrise or daytime excursions.

Snorkel Safari

Visit some of the famous snorkeling sites where you can see turtles, sharks and even possibly a manta ray.

Sunset Cruise

Relax on the sundeck of our traditional dhoni boat and admire the spectacular views of the sun setting on the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Visit a local Fishing Village

Experience the authentic life of a Maldivian fisherman and wander along the streets of a nearby fishing village.


Exploring true beauties of the Maldives on a private yacht for a cruise that dreams are made of.

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